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Efficient Vineyard Project

Vineyards across all sectors of the U.S. grape industry have large spatial variations in soil, vine growth, and fruit yield. Commercial grape producers often lack the tools and technology to measure and respond to variation in environmental resources, vine growth, and crop production, and often manage their vineyard blocks uniformly. The purpose of the Efficient Vineyard project is to deliver an innovative, science-driven, and approachable precision viticulture platform to measure and manage sources of vineyard variation.

The primary purpose of the economic evaluation and assessment component of the work under this project is to: (a) to evaluate the economic performance of the sensor-based crop-load measurement and management technologies that will be developed and evaluated technically within the other elements of the project, and (b) to provide the information in a form that will be useful for the outreach and adoption phases of the project in order to facilitate informed adoption decisions by growers.

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