Pests, Germs and Seeds:  
The Economics of Policies, Programs, and Technologies for Managing Agricultural Pests and Diseases

Friday, March 28 and Saturday, March 29 2014

University of California, Davis, California 95616




Economic Impact of Classical Biological Control of papaya Mealybug in India
George Norton, Stephanie Myrick, K.N. Selvaraj, and R. Muniappan

A Model of the Epidemiology of Greening in Florida Citrus Groves and Its Economic Implications
Charles B. Moss and Andrew Schmitz

Estimating the Greening Effect on Florida Citrus
Charles B. Moss and Maria Bampasidou

A Production Function for State Average Corn Yields: Estimation of a Stochastic Frontier Incorporating Weather and Technology Effects
W.E. Huffman and Y. Jin

Making Time for Agricultural and Life Science Research: Technical Change and Productivity Gains
Daniel L. Pragera, Jeremy D. Foltza, Bradford L. Barhama