General, Markets and Prices, Policy

Should California’s Winemakers Be Worried About China’s Tariffs?

Markets and Prices, Vineyard Management

The True Value of California Wine Grapes

Vineyard Management

Economics of Information and Precision Vineyard Technologies—Research in Progress


The History of California Wines in 20 Labels

Agricultural R&D, Events

Strategic Perspectives on Innovation in Agrifood Supply Chains: Profitability, Sustainability, and Global Change. April 18–20, 2017, Berkeley, CA

Agricultural R&D, Events

ICABR Pre-Conference Workshop: New Players, New Tools: Insights & Innovations in Science Communications, May 30, 2017, Berkeley, CA

Agricultural R&D, Environmental Issues, Events, Policy

IAAE Inter-Conference Symposium: Agricultural Productivity, Climate Change and Sustainable Resource Management, October 17–20, 2017, University of Talca, Chile

Consumer Behavior, Environmental Issues, Events

Wine Sustainability, September 1–3, 2017, Pescara, Italy

Agricultural R&D, Events, Markets and Prices

European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) Congress 2017, August 29–September 1, 2017, Parma, Italy


American Association of Wine Economists (AAWE) 2017 Annual Meeting, June 28–July 2, 2017, Padua, Italy

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